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Research by Gordon Freegard

These lists are not complete. They have been compiled from various records including the local Postal Delivery Directories for the years 1898 - 1930.They do however give you some idea of how large some of the mill settlements were.

1920 - 1950


ALTORO              Umberto     Blacksmith

ARMSTRONG         Alex     Engineman

ANDERSON           Arthur

ANDERSON          George


BELL                  Albert E.       1949 - Fsller 1950


BEST                 G. F. C.    Mill Hand   1950

BEST                 Isabel    1951

BRIGGS              Brothers

BROWN               F.

BROWN               Joe    Bush Boss

CAMP                 Ernest    1931

CARTER               Bob

CURTIS                Claude  1945 - 1947

CURTIS                Dusty

CURTIS                H. C. C.   Manager  1950

CURTIS                Jack

CURTIS                Mick

CURTIS                Scotty

CURTIS                Spot

FORDEN               George

GIBBS                  B.

GIBBS                  George Allan                       Died November 1949

                          Daughter:  Myrtle

                                         Fay Doreen    



HALL                    Len                 1944

HALL                    S.                   1944

HANNAN               Bill

HODGSON            Arthur Stanley    1949

HUNTER               Sam

HUTCHINSON        Norm

HUTCHINSON        L.       Mill Hand 1950

INMAN                A. S.   Timber Worker

ISAACS               Harry  teamster

JOHNSON             Eric

KNIGHT               George Dudley   Mill Hand  1950

MANSELL             Rob

MANSELL            Wally

MARCHANT         Jack

MARCHANT         Jim

MASON              Ernie

McARTHUR         Boarding House Owner

                       Ellen   1950

MIDDLETON        William

NELSON             John Charles    1949

OELON               Jack

PARRY               Gerald                        Died 1947

PEDRAZZOLI       Luigi                          Died 1946


SILLMAN            Frederick John   Mill Hand  1950

SMAILES            Alan

SMAILES            Bernie

SMAILES            Graeme

SMAILES            Syd  mill owner

SMAILES            Ted

SWEETMAN         E.   Mill Hand  1950

STEVENS            Wally

STIRK                 Dick

STIRK                 Tas

TELFER              R. M.     Twin Sawyer    1950

VEDOVA              Pasquale   1954

WALTON             George   mill boss

WILLIAMS           John     Mill Hand   1950

ZOLA                  Louie    blacksmith 







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