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As this site slowly comes together, it was very exciting to see so much material compiled in one area, which can be referenced by young and old alike. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have putting it all together.
It is an ongoing project that will continually be changing and added to, as new information is forthcoming. It will develop into a great reference and resource area for young and old to avail themselves of. So please keep checking the site as we have many new pages that we are preparing to add once confirmation of the material is obtained.
The Group is very carefull to make sure that all material is correct before it hits the worldwide web. However errors do happen and we are pleased to look at anything that you think may need to be clarified or altered. Additional info is most welcome, particually photographs. Please contact us so we can include your input.
EMAIL:           info@pickeringbrookheritagegroup.com

PHONE:          9293 8203        President       BEVERLEY GIUMELLI
                        9359 3334        Secretary      HELEN ROSS

MOBILE:         0418 923 970                          BEVERLEY GIUMELLI

POST:              HELEN ROSS
                         32 TOURMALINE GARDENS
                         WESTERN AUSTRALIA          6058



I have just read your Bio and backstory on William Francis Guppy and am very impressed. Prior to commencing my family research my knowledge of the roots of the Guppy family from a historical perspective was minimal. Discovering the Guppy's Mill history, on your website, has been aa absolute revelation, to the point where I am now communicating with a 3rd cousin in Perth. Tammy has been extremely helpful and together we have made some great discoveries of our joint ancestors. I enjoy your website and thank you.
GRANT GUPPY (Great, Great, Grandson of William Flower Guppy)

Thanks for the fantastic upgrade on the Whim! I was waiting for this data for a long time!
Interesting info, drawings and beautiful photos! An asset to my live model steam whim

I'm still working on the whim. A while ago I mounted a steam whistle. Now a real working steam "boiler feed water pump" is coming up soon. When this is mounted I will make a nice video again, and photos of course. One thing is certain, my whim will always stay with me, it is now my favorite logging machine!
LOEK PROPER, The Hague, Netherlands, Europe  

Well you have a great story there about the steam powered whim - Dad and myself were very surprised how well it has come together. 
Great work from everyone and thank you.
MARK & HARRY STEPHEN (descendants of inventor Harry Stephen), Queensland

Thank you for your fantastic update of the steam powered whim partition of your website . . . it is all very interesting reading and the photographs are great.
PETE GRIFFIN, Dardanup Heritage Park, Bunbury, Western Australia

Gordon, You’ve excelled yourself. Magnificent story and photographs of the steam powered whim. Your blood’s worth bottling! I hope there’s a folder or file somewhere that stores all this stuff you put together, safely, so that it’s not just on the web. It’s a fantastic resource for history.
JOHN LINTON, Lesmurdie, Western Australia

Established in 1994, the Pickering Brook Heritage Group was formed by a group of passionate local residents dedicated to the preservation of the region's history. From this grass roots beginning, the group has gone on to achieve significent milestones in researching, preserving, interpreting and displaying local history. The most noteworthy being the development of the Pickering Brook Heritage Group's website that has allowed the group to extend their reach worldwide. The judges were impressed by the interactive nature of the website which allows members of the public to research their own family history.

A great result - congratulations to all concerned.  And a big thank you to all the time and effort you have put into not only the website but in furtherance of the Heritage Group as a whole..   

DIANE BUCKLEY, Byford, Western Australia


CONGRATULATIONS – very well deserved  

FRANCESCA FLYNN, Perth Observatory, Bickley, Western Australia

Brilliant news! And so well-deserved. Your Group continues to do wonderful work which benefits many many people! And I have recently been one of them once again. Very best wishes.
MARCIA MAHER, Archivist, Kalamunda & Districts Historical Society, Kalamunda, Western Australia

Congratulations to you all.  An award well deserved.
MARIA & MARIO GIUMELLI, Pickering Brook, Western Australia

Congratulations, good show, very pleased. Thank you Gordon, Wonderful. 

JOAN DELLA FRANCA, Pickering Brook, Western Austraila  


That is fantastic, congratulations to everyone.
ROSE & MAURICE EARLE, Vintage Car Club, Forrestfield, Western Australia

Congratulations! I read some results in this morning’s paper, but no mention of Pickering Brook. My disappointment turned to elation with your email. Don’t celebrate too much! Again, congratulations and many pats on the back, and don’t cash in the gold medallion for the whim of fundraising! 
HELEN & PETER SKEHAN, Rossmyne, Western Australia    


Gordon  What a GREAT result.   Your contribution  ... outstanding and I thank you for that always.
STEPHANIE O'MEAGHER, Kelmscott, Western Australia  


Congratulations to Gordon and the team. Fantastic News and a real inspiration to us all.
PAT HALLAHAN OAM, Kalamunda, Western Australia

Congratulations Gordon and everyone involved in your heritage group. You thoroughly deserve this and more for the work that you do.  Personally,
I love the research that you did into my own family, the George and Ethel Lindley (nee Buckingham) family who had the Pickering Brook Store. Ethel was my great Aunt and for a little while lived next door to me in Kelmscott when I was growing up. Only wish that your group extended as far as Roleystone and Kelmscott Hills! 
ELIANE de RUITER, Roleystone, Western Australia  


Well deserved and well done.

Congratulations to you and your group, a worthy reward in recognition of  25 years of  hard work.  

BETTY MARSH, Event Co-ordinator, Kalamunda & Districts Historical Society, Kalamunda, Western Australia

Congratulations to you all! Keep up the remarkable work.

ROMA SPICCIA, Pickering Brook, Western Australia


Congratulations Gordon and members on a wonderful outcome, this award is well deserved and the promotion of Pickering Brook’s Heritage will grow with much pride.

LE GREGORY, Gosnells, Western Australia


Congratulations Gordon and all the team! 

This is fabulous! What an achievement. It’s so great to know that the history of the Pickering Brook area is being preserved. My father grew up there and has wonderful memories of his childhood. My husband and I have visited Pickering Brook from the UK and have been made so welcome by the local community. So much so that I now feel a real connection to the area and my father’s past which is truly wonderful. Thanks so much. With best wishes to you all. 

CLAIRE PALMER, Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, United Kingdm  (Family formerly from Carmel)


Congratulations Gordon and Pickering Brook folk. A well-earned award.
SUSAN HALL, Birtwistle Local Studies Library, City of Armadale, Western Australia

Congratulations on your achievement.
Having helped Mum and Anne with their books I am somewhat aware of the
amount of time and effort that goes into the process of preserving these
important memories of times gone by. Good work. It's great to see the
history of Pickering Brook preserved.
LES & ANNE MARSHALL, Hazelmere, Western Australia


Congratulations Gordon and Members , a well deserved award.
SHIRLY MOONEY OAM, Duncraig, Western Australia


Congratulations on the award, Webmaster! Hans would be so proud of your skills (and so am I) Is it only 25 years since you were first talking about this work and the small politics and local scandals and feuds that you were running into? Well done.



Well done and hearty congratulations  - very well deserved
MARIE GARWOOD,  Collection Manager, Kalamunda & Districts Historical Society, Kalamunda, Western Australia


Congratulations Gordon to you and everyone at Pickering Brook Heritage Group and good luck for the finals ߘŠ   Glad to see the Perth Hills being cemented on the map!

FRANCESCA FLYNN, Perth Observatory, Bickley, Western Australia


Fantastic news.  You deserve to win. 
GAYE MITCHELL, Western Australia


Congratulations! And good luck! I know how hard you have worked on that web site and I remember a lot of small politics around the entering of these contests. I think the one you are vying for is definitely the one you should win having stirred so many folk into sharing and even beginning to discover their family history and how it contributes to the Pickering Brook area. Good on ya!



That is great news, a worthy finalist you have all put so much into the group. please pass my Congratulations on to all the members
BETTY MARSH, Event Co-ordinator, Kalamunda & Districts Historical Society, Kalamunda, Western Australia

Hi Gordon, Congratulations ! – we will keep our fingers crossed for the 29th
Collection Manager, Kalamunda & Districts Historical Society, Kalamunda, Western Australia

Well done!

BRIAN & LEE EVANS, Palmyra, Western Australia


Hello Gordon  What a wonderful result for all the work done by yourself and your  helpers!  Congratulations and good luck for a win to recognise that work. DIANE BUCKLEY, Byford, Western Australia

Congratulations to your group, you must be very proud.

SALLY KENTON, Padbury, Western Australia


Well deserved, good luck. 

VIC FERNIE, Queensland


Great news. You deserve to be a finalist.
MARGARET PUZEY (nee Price), Yokine, Western Australia


Very impressive logo to add to your page. Congratulations to the Group, and to you, and best of luck in the finals. Thanks for ringing, Gordon, and for the info re the book. I look forward to the launch, and will definitely be ordering copies.  Best wishes for continuing success. You are a star, and the website has introduced so many people to the history and heritage of our much loved Pickering Brook. Without you, this would not have happened.

HELEN SKEHAN (nee Owen), Rossmoyne, Western AUstralia


Good luck Gordon. You all deserve it.    Cheers 
JOHN GIARDINA,  Lesmurdie, Western Austraila

What great news Gordon

Pass my congratulations onto the team.

I will be happy to put this into my next courier - so make sure you get some photos.
LINDA MOORE (nee Bettenay), Editor Roleystone Courier,  Roleystone, Western Australia


Very well done. Go Pickering Brook !!   
TERRY FRANCAIS, Stoneville, Western Australia

Congratulations on another excellent year, Gordon. The site continues to amaze me with its content and easy navigability.
JOHN LINTON, Lesmurdie, Western Australia

I have just read the wonderful story of Mason & Bird on your web pages. Very enjoyable. My grandfather, Walter George Trew worked for them. I was raised in the Canning Shire, and often visited Mason's Landing, but never knew then the importance of the place to our timber industry. Thank you once again for a very enjoyable read.
GAIL PASCOE , Mandurah, Western Australia

Wow!  The photos are fabulous.  Thank you so very much.
I have seen the updated website, it's really fabulous!  Well done on all of your efforts.
KELLI RERDEN, Lesmurdie, Western Australia

I read your narrative of my great grandfather, John Rush Padgett with great interest. As family members, we all knew the story, but there were still aspects I hadn't heard before which was marvellous. Congratulations on your wonderful website.

What a marvellous web site you have. Really interesting.
ERIC COATES, Wanneroo History Society, Wanneroo, Western Australia.

I continue to enjoy the Pickering Brook website and can always find something interesting to read in the updates. Thank you. Best wishes. May you find some more wonderful information and photos as you research.
MARGARET PUZEY (nee Price), Yokine, Western Australia.

My name is Claire Palmer and I was given your email address by Mac Beard. My husband Giles and I live in the U.K. My father Tony Palmer used to live in Carmel in the early 1950s as a young boy. He knew Mac and Pam Beard back in those days along with all the other locals in area. I spoke to Mac on the telephone recently and he kindly sent us some Pickering Brook Heritage Group calendars and also some photos of my father's old house in Carmel Road, the old school house and the old post office. I think you may have been instrumental in producing the photos.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending them. Dad was over the moon to receive the calendar and photos in the post. They reminded him of his wonderful life as a child growing up in Western Australia.
My Dad has recently finished writing a book about his time living in Australia as a boy. We are in the process of getting the book printed. Once we have sorted this we will send a copy in the post to Mac. We have had a good look at the Pickering Brook Heritage Group website and it is amazing! Dad was overwhelmed to see all the familiar places and faces. He was very close to Archie and Rita Anderson and Margaret Anderson was a very good friend.
Well done to you all for putting this together. In the meantime, very best wishes to you all and we will keep an eye on your wonderful website

I want to thank you for such an interesting and informative website. I have a family interest in Canning Mills as during the 1890s as my gt-grandfather James Dimond worked there as a carpenter and one son born there. The map of Canning Mills and the photographic history has helped me filling out my family history.
MARILYN DIMOND, Fremantle, Western Australia

I was delighted to read your tribute to Rudolph (Bobbie) Selk, as he has been a folk hero in our family for as long as I can remember. Our paternal grandfather, Fred Grosvenor, was a friend and workmate of  Bobbie Selk. Granddad died in 1930, before any of his grandchildren were born, so anything I relate  will be second- or third hand. They both worked for the PMG, probably in Fremantle, and folk lore has it that it was Granddad's responsibility to get Bobbie to important games of cricket on time & in a fit state, as he could be unreliable in that area. Our Dad, Neil Rudolph Grosvenor, second son b.1907, was named for Bobbie Selk, while the second-born Selk was named Grosvenor. Dad died in 1960, and a number of years later, Mum met Grosvenor Selk in his role as Friend of Kings Park, when he showed a group around the garden area. I can't remember Mum mentioning the connection with Pickering Brook, but maybe their conversation didn't go in that direction.  As you might remember, Mum taught at Pickering Brook, as Cathie Lugg, in 1932/33. I continue to be amazed at the connections that occur in the history of our vast State.
LEE EVANS, Palmyra, Western Australia

On behalf of Jill Brookes, of the Dardanup Heritage Park, we request the use of the information on your site of the Steam Whims and associated printed works.
If you granted the use of such material, Jill would display it in the Sawmill Facility area we have at the Park, and would also give acknowledgement to your group for the use and research of such work. We find your research outstanding, and it would enhance our display considerably if you give your permission.
PETER GRIFFIN, Bunbury, Western Australia

I recently discovered your website and have found it a fascinating read. Having lived in Kalamunda now for twenty years, getting out in the bush on bike and foot has become my passion. I thought I knew everywhere there was to know and had been there too. Barton's Mill Prison was news to me. I visited it last week. Such a shame that it has been reduced to nothing more than foundations. Fascinating nonetheless.
Thank you and keep up the good work,
JOHN EDEN, Kalamunda, Western Australia

What a great website you have created. I find myself on there reading for hours getting to know all about your area and all those wonderful people.
Its like when you're reading a good book and you just don't want to put it down. The website is an insight into an area that has long been forgotten. 
I feel as though I am truely able to connect with the long lost family members, the "Liebows" of Forrest Inn at Canning Mills.
ROBYN RIBARITS, Mildura, Victoria

Congratulations Gordon and the Pickering Brook team. Nine years of commitment to the website is testimony to the dedication of the Heritage Group to sharing and collecting the district's history. The comments demonstrate just how far away responses are coming from for your website.
Keep up the good work.
SUSAN HALL, Birtwistle Local Studies Library, City of Armadale, Western Australia

Hello, I have just found you interesting site and I believe that I have found a missing family member that we ( my brother & me ) have been searching for .

Can I ask if you have any record of the burial place of Annie Maria Strutt wife of George Strutt Horse Driver who died 19 May 1896.
We have not been able to find where she was buried.
GRAEME STODDART, Melville, Western Australia

I have just discovered your site in the process of researching for a book I am writing  about my great great Grandmother and I have been truly impressed by the amazing photos and the amount of detail recorded.
Although my G.G. Granny, Ellen Johnsey, lived in Queensland, her husband, my G.G. Granddad, Enoch Johnsey, was working at the Canning Jarrah Mill in the 1890s. He was killed there in 1896 in an accident (He was crushed by a large log and died in hospital the same night). I have not been able to unearth a picture of him but feel likely he may be on one of the group pictures on your pages. He came originally from Gloucestershire, England.
The pictures have really helped in crystallising this place in my mind, thank you so much.
BOB ROGERS, Queensland.

I was checking out your website regarding the history of Carmel Primary School and came across a 1933 photo, which I've got to say gave me goose bumps, as there was a photo that included my mum and her two sisters. So I thought I would help you out with three names to add to the photo. They are: Norah Mitchell, Winifred (Win) Mitchell and Doreen Mitchell
MAX JONES, Walliston, Western Australia.

Finding your website has brought back some wonderful childhood memories for me of my time growing up in Pickering Brook. Your material on the school, the general store (where I lived), and in particular Tommy Roads, are of great interest. Tommy was our nearest neighbour and I spent many, many hours sitting on his back verandah listening to his stories of his time in the district.  He was a true character. Keep up the great work.
GREG BENDALL, Maddington, Western Australia.

On researching my family history I came across your website with an excellent article on Alf Russell, Kate (Kitty) (nee Gibson) and Pip.  Kate was my Grandfather's sister, so my father, John (Jack) Gibson, was Kate's nephew and Pip's cousin.  As contact was lost it was lovely to come across the article and read about Kitty and I only wish I could read her diaries now.  The article had some great information in it on their lives, filled in a few gaps and had some lovely photos, not seen by my family before, so fantastic to see.  If there is any other information regarding the family I would appreciate being contacted.  Congratulations on a lovely informative website on Pickering Brook, a lovely place and definitely now on my list to visit.  Keep up the good work. 
SHARON BICKFORD, Albany, Western Australia.

We really appreciate the effort you and your crew have put in. I do hope you can add the photo of Carmel School taken about 1929/30, to your historical collection for others to view for interest or research.The photo was found in my mothers family album during the clean up of her house after she passed away in 2014. The William Hand, referred to at the beginning of this exchange of emails, is in fact my grandfather. He was for a time in the late 1920’s or 30’s, managing the “non official” post office at Bickley. The Bourne brothers Wally and Cyril, referred to were the result  of my grandmothers first marriage to Walter Bourne Snr.Once again, the “team” effort is very much appreciated.

What a wonderful site I have stumbled upon – congratulations on all the hard work that has been done.
I enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the school history.My late mother was a teacher at the primary school between 1976-1985 teaching Yrs 1-2 (there are some photos of my mum on your site which I had never seen before.Her name was Morac Mary Seymour.  Unfortunately mum passed away in January 2015 at the young age of 88. I can remember she was always so proud to be a part of the Pickering Brook community while she was teaching there. I am currently in the slow process of going through my mother’s old photos and there are photos of the school/grounds and students that I would like to donate to your website.It will take me a little time to get them all together, but when I have finally got it all sorted could I please forward them on to you and if any are worthy of being put up on the website, I would very pleased.Thank you
JUDY SEYMOUR, Albany, Western Australia

While researching my wife's family tree on Ancestry, I found your very impressive article on Kate Gibson and Alf Russell.
Kate Gibson was the elder sister of Annie Elizabeth Gibson, whose daughter Olive Baird, was my wife (Kathleen Moore)'s mother. Since Ancestry provides no details on living relatives, I am hoping to be able to establish contact through you with any of Kate Gibson's living descendants. We would be pleased if you would pass on my details to anyone who would care to correspond with the Canadian branch of the family.
LEN RYAN, Canada

I have been looking at your fabulous website about the history of Pickering Brook.  You definitely have a wealth of historical knowledge about Pickering Brook.

I teach at Kalamunda Christian School teaching year 2's. 

I am currently writing a book to be published by UWA Press on the history of the land and landscape in south west WA. This includes a chapter on forests and I have been looking at your excellent website and especially at the section on steam whims that includes some wonderful photos by Phil Wyndham. I  would very much like to include photo number 14 in the book, with due acknowledgement of course. Congratulations on a very informative and interestingly structured website.

Glad to see the Pickering Brook Heritage Group is continuing strong. Your internet site is marvellous in it's comprehensiveness and I think the calendars are splendid.
BRIAN JACKSON, Riverton, Western Australia

I recently lost my mum, Carmela Longo (nee Radice), and have been looking through this website to gain more info about the Pickering Brook area, where my Mum grew up. I was particularly interested in Mum's time  packing in the apple sheds around Pickering Brook/ Carmel. I remember mum saying they had a competition to see who packed the most or best. Also Mum was involved in some sort of Miss 'apple queen ' or something similar. We are a bit unsure of this and was hoping to find someone who could tell us more. 
I really need to find out a bit more about mum's life in Pickering Brook, so I can pass it on to her grandchildren. It's a shame for us that we didn't document stuff before this, but I guess we never thought mum would leave us so soon.
So I am very grateful for this website.
I would appreciate any info or contacts you could give me.

Very impressed with the Pickering Brook Heritage Groups web site which will warrant much more delving and re-reading.  I discovered the site when researching wild flowers found in the area.
Having spent many happy times in Forrest Road, Pickering Brook, I am setting my current childrens book in Pickering Brook. Thank you and congratulations on an interesting, informative site.  


I have just spent far too much time reading through your updates! Congratulations to the students from Pickering Brook School for the excellent quality of their photographs and for the interesting images & comments. I sent the latest newsletter details through to my friend, Dulcie Hale (we were at school together), and had a phone call from her, saying she had spent a couple of hours enjoying its contents. Dulcie & her husband Bob were at the school for a time, but she also has a connection with Bartons Mill, where an aunt was the teacher in the 1930s. Small world, isn't it!
LEE EVANS, Palmyra, Western Australia

Your website is brilliant and I enjoy looking through the old pictures, thanks to all who work on it.
TOM NIVEN, Mundaring, Western Australia

I am related to the Fernie's in Pickering Brook, my maiden name was Susan Fernie, my father John Fernie, his father Leslie Alexander who was the eldest child of Alexander Edward Fernie. Anyway I am very interested in family history and I'm doing a little project on Fernie Family for my brother's (Darren and Jason Fernie).  The reason I am contacting you...firstly to tell you what you have done on Alexander Fernie on your website is brilliant, I love this, it is about my Great Grandparents history and  I have now seen pictures I never would have. If you would be interested to read my 'Fernie Family History' I can email it to you, it is a work in progress though.
SUE FORBES, Western Australia

You guys and your committee are to be congratulated on all the hard work and rewarding results you have contributed to the Pickering Brook Heritage Site.
Just to let you know who I am - Patricia Belstead, nee Davey 1st marriage to Richard Spivey second to Brett Belstead.
I would love to forward to you any photos and stories that my dad,Ted, left me when he passed away if you would like them.
I was only made aware of your website when my daughter in law , Michelle, who came across it whilst searching for information.
Until then I will start searching for Photos etc.
Keep up the fantastic work and once again I would love to be part of it.
PATRICIA BELSTEAD, Bunbury, Western Australia

Again, I am gob smacked!!! I look forward to your updates. It is great that more and more people are finding your website. Again, it has been a great interest to me.  Regarding the cricket team photo. Even though it was from an extremely old negative. I was intrigued see the photo of my dad "Pommie''  William White. It was nice to see that he played a sport, Another hobby of my mum and dad was playing cards. Bridge and Rummy was a term that I remember well.  Sometimes they used to take us to a couple of places, but more often that not these nights were at our house, I guess because of us kids. I remember going to a Mr. King's house and I think one or two of the single men joined these nights.
It was also a great read re Gorge Anderson and his wife  and families. I was intrigued to see the photo of Archie Anderson and the bull "Bevan". I can't remember in my time in Barton's Mill (that is when I was old enough to remember) that Mrs Anderson had cows. I think maybe that she had sold the cows and just kept Bevan as a pet. I remember that she regarded him as non aggressive. That is when my dad decided to buy a cow so that we had our own milk, but then he bought a few more cows and sold milk to a few people that wanted it. He made a little extra money by doing this. He also kept chooks and also grew some vegies. He was an enterprising fellow, given that he lived in the city of Manchester as an electrical fitter.
The photo of a typical house in Barton's mill is spot on.
I was interested in the fact that you have, again, published a calendar. I have kept the previous ones as they are too precious, historically, to throw them away. After the launch of them I would like to, again, buy three of them. Also I would like to be a member if I can albeit an absent one, as I am gaining a great deal of pleasure from the site. I wonder who will be the next person to come into the fold.

I would like to compliment your group for the fantastic website you have put together on the history of Pickering Brook area. It’s a pity that Kalamunda hasn’t done something similar. I’m 71 and have a long history relating to Guildford (since 1830), Midland, Kalamunda, Carmel and Pickering Brook and just love reading all of your stories. I noticed a mention in your website of my grand parent Alex Mitchell who lived in Union Rd, Carmel…also Alan Mitchell ran the Telephone Exchange at Carmel (opposite Carmel School…approx 1950),similar to the Switch Board you have on your website. My Mother (Norah Jones nee Mitchell) went to Carmel School in around 1929. Dad (Walter Jones from Kalamunda), lived in Pickering Brook for a while and his father (Alfred De Courcy Jones) was a Stationery Engine Driver at Smailes' Mill. So all of your stories brings a lot back to me. Keep up the good work.
VICTOR JONES, Forrestfield, Western Australia

I’ve just viewed all your hard work on the history of my grandfather, Archie Anderson - well done - it’s a tremendous result! Once again, many thanks for your great efforts.
TANYA McGUIRE, Katanning, Western Australia

Web feedback - in a word HONEST told me who you are, what were your aspirations, how to contact!
We are in the media business and tend to be a tad critical - your site was well presented 

Graphics / Pix / Colour / nice Type face - looked like someone cared! 

I am a descendant of Ernest and Annie Camp mentioned in your page on George and Ernest Holroyd’s.
In this it mentions the sons and daughter of Ernest and Annie Camp being “Ron (my Dad), Allan, Adopted David and only daughter June”
It is a lovely piece and I have moved my family to Lesmurdie to be closer to the place I spent my childhood years, running around the orchard at Aunty Mays, the house keeper of Ernie and George. They died just before I was born.
You are doing a wonderful job and our lives are fuller from your work on our past.
JOSHUA CAMP, Lesmurdie, Western Australia

I just wanted to congratulate the group on such an interesting website with so much local history. 
In particular I was looking for basic  information and pictures of the Davey brothers Ted and Cecil (My mother’s cousins) so was delighted to see pictures of them and read with interest about the volunteer s and service men.
I had met Ted Davey some years  ago at one of my great Aunt’s (Pam Hall) family get togethers and my mother Beth Ferguson, has mentioned both Ted and Cecil in stories or recollections she has written of when they were children and later when the farm was purchase for the boys by their father Fred Davey.
As kids,  the cousins all loved Ted’s poetry.  My mother still recalls and recites his poems and when I telephone her tonight, she was reciting a poem, which I had heard throughout out my child hood, never before realising that a Great uncle had written it.
JENNIE DAVIE (nee Ferguson), Penshurst, New South Wales

I am researching my family history and have found your website. Mrs. Kate Weyman was my Dad's Aunt and he was always interested to know whatever happened to her and just guessed at her lifestyle but wasn't able, while he was alive, to find out anything. I've managed to find the most I can from your excellent site and from sending to W.A. for marriage and death certificates. I'm also aware that Fred Weyman signed his marriage certificate with a cross, so wonder whether that was why not much news was written home to the U.K.
We are extremely impressed by the amount of information, constantly updated too, which is contained in your site. Even were I not tracing family, I would find it riveting reading. And Mr. Ken Smailes, who knew Bid Weyman, paints a whole word picture of the area in his fascinating reminiscence. What a very interesting exercise tracing this previously unknown part of my family has been.
LARRY & AUDREY UNTHANK, Ashtead, United Kingdom.

What a marvellous story you have put together, regarding the 'Emu Wars'. It is really entertaining reading, and the photos have been enhanced in amazing detail. Congratulations!
Mum (Cath Grosvenor, nee Lugg) would have been tickled pink to see them used in that way.
LEE EVANS, Palmyra, Western Australia.

I just wanted to write and say thank you for your wonderful write up on the history of the Karragullen School. My grandfather, Cecil Johnston was the teacher there in the late 1920's and it was fantastic to read all of the stories about him, especially since he passed away before I was born so I never had a chance to meet him. My mother (his daughter) who was born after his time teaching in Karragullen had no idea that he had once travelled to New Zealand or that he was interested in sports so it was somewhat of a revelation to her! She thinks I must get my love of books and my math skills from him.
Just a pity that there was no photograph of him as we our family would have loved to have seen it.
Was certainly something to add to the family history for (hopefully) generations to come to be able to read and enjoy. Thanks again

The website continues to grow, thanks to the seemingly tireless work you do. Congratulations on your magnificent effort.

Thank you Gordon,  I was thrilled to see the website, and quickly looked to see if anything (especially photos) was collated for my era. No I am sorry I don’t have anything to contribute, but very happy to pay a membership to encourage your great efforts. Was very interesting to read.  I thank you and everyone involved for your efforts.
Well done, Malcolm (Cocky)O’Meagher is my father.
JOANNE RUSSELL (nee O’Meagher), Norseman, Western Australia.

As part of finding cheap things for the kids to do on holidays, we went for a visit at the old Canning Mills townsite and investigated around where we think the Forrest Inn and railway was situated.  We are guessing that it was behind  the low stone wall on Canning road.
The kids were delighted to find remanents of the convict cobblestones of which  there is quite fair bit left similar to that found off Canning Mills road.
We had hours of entertainment digging around the old rubbish piles and retrieving bits of old broken china and glass and guessing where the houses and railway might have been..
Made all the more magical by the info we found on your webpage. The kids imaginations ran wild with the stories they made up about each bit of china and glass from being the "good china for the rich people in the hotel" to this bit of glass being from the  "icky old fashion medine bottles"
Thank you so much for such a great web page and resource. You have helped cultivate a new generation of history buffs!
 DENISE HARDY & FAMILY, Roleystone, Western Australia

Congratulations on the great work that is on display.
SUSAN HALL, Birtwistle Local Studies Library, City of Armadale, Western Australia

I must commend you all for creating such a wonderful website, fabulous. Just happened to stumble across it when researching my uncles time in the
VDC. My mother Violet Stucke was born in Pickering Brook on 4 February 1918, later to become married to Jack West of Holyoake, and later to Ernest Tuck of
Best wishes,
LES WEST, Canningvale, Western Australia.

My name is Lisa Gilbert and my Grandmother was Ruby Catherine Mason, married to Lawrence Albert Mason.
I was absolutely thrilled to find your website and the fantastic information and pictures Gwen wrote about the family history.
I met Gwen a long time ago when she visited my family, she was truly a lovely lady.
Your website gave me the information and opportunity to investigate our family further.
My best and sincere regards 
LISA GILBERT, Highett, Victoria.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for maintaining this website, and for your efforts to piece together the history of the Pickering Brook area. I was just doing a search on the internet for my Father, Bert Ursich, and came across your vintage 1939 Canning Mills School photo of him, his Brother Stan, his Sister Angelina and his cousin Jack. I have never seen such a clear photo of my Father at such a young age, so you can imagine it came as a tremendous surprise when I discovered it. I noticed that Silio Di Marco was at Canning Mills school with him in that photo, and that he is also on the Pickering Brook Heritage Group committee, so that was also a pleasant surprise! It shows that a lot of hard work and care has gone into producing this site, so I hope that it finds a permanent place on the internet for generations to come. Anyway, I just wanted to extend my gratitude for your great work...keep the dream alive!
All the very best.

TONY URSICH, Zurich, Switzerland.

I would just like to say I have enjoyed reading the history of Carmel school which is on your web site. I attended there with my sister in the 1960’s. I recognise many family names going right back to the beginning.
COLIN COOK, Mandurah, Western A

Thank you for your splendid work in adding the Mason Family segment to the Website. It is gratifying to see it in print.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. My husband is Edward Vivian Harvey Keane and Lilla Rebecca Wharton Whites Great Grandson, and we had NO photos of them at all, and now thanks to you and all of your work, we do!!!!!  My husband saw photos of his Grandfather for the 1st time today because of you guys...  So a big thanks from me!
LESLEY O'SHAUGHNESSY - wife of John Vivian O'Shaughnessy, Victoria.

That website of yours is receiving rave reviews among heritage enthusiasts. Ironically the website emanates comes from one of the most
under-financed groups around.
STEPHEN O'BRIEN, Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia

Oh gosh, just when I thought you couldn't make your pickeringbrook web sight any better, you go and blow my mind with your endless talents yet again. I hope you are all extremely proud of your achievements, because people like myself appreciate it immensely.

KERRY COOLING,  Western Australia

I’ve been visiting your web site and it really is a gem, full of fascinating information and photos. Congratulations!!
TRISHA WILSON, Lesmurdie, Western Australia

Without doubt one of best websites for showing the history of Pickering Brook School ~ Other websites don't even compare to yours ~ As I am researching my family history of Orange Grove and Orange Grove Primary School ~ I am finding it extremely difficult to find any past school photo's ~ to date I have all but three!!
A shame in itself, however also for myself a shame that I'm unable to find any photos of my older sister's school days, especially as she passed away at 26 yrs old and my younger brother's school photos of which he hasn't any.
I  would like to see an all inclusive West Australian website of all schoools past early history ~ wishful thinking maybe.
Well Done ~ Your site is extremely appreciated.
And for me ~ I shall keep plodding away searching for Orange Grove school and O.G. area photo's.
MAUREEN MACDONALD, Geraldton, Western Australia

Judy P sent us a 2011 heritage calendar, the committee need to be congratulated on the effort put into it and the Website. I think its great. What now for 2012?
I called in when you had your open day earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed myself, what you have put together is great. The time before I was in WA I went thru Tom Prices Cool room, from that I learnt a lot about the railway system in the hills, something I never thought about before.
I kick myself now as I'm sure we all do that we didn't learn more about our history from our parents and grand parents, what you are doing is picking up some of that slack.
Keep up the good work.
VIC FERNIE, Brisbane, Queensland

I came across your site while looking for a picture of something old (can’t remember now what it was). Anyway, I was  impressed by the site and made a note to come back and read it in more detail.
And so I did, a month or so ago. In fact, I became so interested, I decided to come up to Pickering Brook and have a good look around for some of the heritage sites which you have listed. It turned out to be more than one day’s work, so I came up again for a second go.
I was amazed at all the places to go and photograph. It goes to show that many of us have no idea of what history lies just around the corner. Thanks to your efforts, it is relatively easy to find many of the places of interest.
I thoroughly enjoyed my two day’s driving around. Those sites which impressed me the most were:
         The old general store. Spent a long time just wandering around.
         The cobbled roadway. Very impressive. I hope it remains preserved forever.
         Weston’s gravesite. Spent over an hour here; photographing and just thinking. Pity it’s now under power lines.
         Sports club tree. Very nice site.
         Workers huts, Merrivale Road. They are just beautiful!
I think I’ll be up again soon, to try and find a few sites that I missed out on.
Thanks for such an informative site. I have learned so much from it. Do keep up the good work!
JOHN OLIVER, Hamilton Hill, Western Australia

I am always on your website and think you have done a great job with all the history. It is so interesting.
EMILY DEWAR, Pickering Brook, Western Australia.

I have recently viewed the Pickering Brook Heritage Website and note the photo of the pipe band. Unfortunately the band is wrongly named. The Kalamunda Pipe Band was not in existence in 1958. The band in the photo is the 16th Battalion Cameron Highland Pipe Band of which I was a member at the time. May I congratulate your group on your endeavours to record the history. I hope I have not offended anyone by pointing out this little discrepancy. (Not at all, we appreciate your input to make the details correct. Thank you).
DOUG BATHGATE, Kalamunda Pipe Band, Kalamunda, Western Australia.

I love the Website, you have done a fantastic job.
FRANCIS RUSS (nee Viskovich), Western Australia.

I am writing to congratulate the Pickering Brook Heritage Group for the great Website and the valuable work being undertaken in preserving the local history for current and future generations.
As a keen kayaker on the Canning River I had often wondered about the weathered timber posts that run down the middle of the river from Salter's Point to Shelley. I was able to find limited information on the structure, now understood to be "The Convict Fence", by surfing the net. However the historical importance of the fence and the significance of the river transport system in the 1860's really came to life when I discovered the Pickering Brook Heritage Group Website. What an amazing journey to another one. The pictorial and written content on the site seem to draw you in and give you a sense of the determination, enterprise and character of the early settlers in this region.
I would also like to give a special thanks to Gordon Freegard who contacted me in response to a question I posted on the Website. Gordon also provided a wealth of information and another contact, Helen Skehan, who further assisted me with some interesting facts about the people and happenings on and around the Canning during this intriguing period of our history.
Thanks to all involved in the Pickering Brook Heritage Group for your valuable voluntary work. You are a credit to the often forgotten men and women who forged this country.
PHIL TAYLOR, Leeming, Western Australia.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading and learning more about the area in which I grew up. Happy memories have flooded back and I look forward to reading more. Thank you. Your Website is a wonderful way to bring together records and memories to share with people now and in the future.
MARGARET PUZEY (nee Price), Yokine, Western Australia.

The Pickering Brook Heritage Group have compiled this fabulous Website, rich in stories, facts and photos of the area. In the "schools section" many locals have already looked themselves up and viewed older relatives when they were school aged. Even for readers who were not from this area, viewing the old photos with names from the past reveals the families many of our landmarks are named after.
All this and more feature on this fantastic Website. Congratulations to all concerned. This Website provides so many memories and keeps the record of the proud history of schooling in Karragullen.
LINDA MOORE, Editor and Owner, "Roleystone Courier", Roleystone, Western Australia.

Congratulations on a great Website.
STEPHEN KING, Western Australia

I have been looking at your excellent Website and I'm most impressed with it, especially the Railways page.
GRAHAM WATSON, Australian Railways Historical Society, W.A.Division

You should be very proud of yourselves.
You have achieved what many funded organisations have not yet been able to.
The website is enabling the history of Pickering Brook to be accessible to a world wide audience.
It has been my pleasure to assist with information for the website as it is a most worthwhile project.
Well done.
LORRAINE PEARCE, Former Historian/Local Studies Librarian, City of Armadale, Western Australia.

Congratulations and thank you for your group's excellent work in making the rich history of your area so accessible to the public through your website.
DAVE OSBORNE, Attadale, Western Australia

I was gobsmacked when I opened your site just a few minutes ago. All I can say is Wow!!!!!!! You have done a fantastic job. I had to ring my son Brett as he was the one that put all the photos on to the disk. He was so pleased to see the School Reports back in colour. He was thrilled for me to have contributed to the site. He said that it was wonderful that my parents featured on the Internet. They would have had no concept of the technology that was to come. My Dad never ever used a telephone. I will now have to send a link to my relatives in Western Australia. I am going to have a second look at it before I go to bed. Accolades by the million.

I had a chance to look at the Website a couple of days ago, and didn't have any problem whatsoever with the pictures taking time to load up to the page. You certainly have done a truly wonderful job. I did enjoy it very much. I have spoken to my mother about getting my Aunty Peg to look at your Website so it will give her the idea she needs to present the Holroyd picture etc. My Mother spent last night reading your Website, and rang today to say how much she enjoyed it also.            
KERRY COOLING,  Western Australia

Thank you for your telephone calls. I did my memoirs some years ago on the computer, and at that time I searched the net for any information. The only thing 
that I could get up on Google was the Little Darkin walking tracks of the area. No history at all. I can't tell you how absolutely blown away I was to receive your
telephone call and be given the marvelous Heritage Site that you have made.
I really enjoyed looking briefly through the Site last night and can see I have a lot more reading to do. I congratulate you on what you have achieved. It has opened up a lot of knowledge regarding the whole  of the forest areas around Barton's Mill. I had never heard of Carilla, Karragullen or any of the other local mills so it has been so helpful for having filled me in with the "bigger" picture. I look forward to seeing my memoirs on the Website, and would like to thank you all over there for thinking that it is worthy of putting on. I never dreamed, when I did them, that they would be kept for posterity, and perhaps be read by lots of people.              



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